4 June 2018

See a demonstration of the new features in the video below:

1 May 2018
2 April 2018
Disregard the last post. Yearly tradition and stuff.
1 April 2018
I've given up on this game. Sorry guys.
1 December 2017
1 November 2017
This update is the first closed beta release! If you want a copy of Battlement, go sign up on Patreon and make a pledge. $1 lets you download a copy of whatever the latest build is. If you want updates, stay subscribed.

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1 October 2017
I've entered Battlement into the Independent Games Festival competition. I'll find out in early January how much the judges like it. The only major change this week was that the instructions are now in the form of a diagram so they're easier to understand.
24 September 2017
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17 September 2017
10 September 2017
I played Battlement with new people this week. They said things like "when do I get my copy?" This means I'm getting close to an initial release. No promises as to when it will be.

Progress made:
3 September 2017
A record-setting hurricane sat on top of my city this week... and failed to make me stop working on this project.

Progress made:
27 August 2017
20 August 2017
13 August 2017
July 2017
I needed a break!
25 June 2017
18 June 2017
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11 June 2017
4 June 2017
28 May 2017
This week I demoed Battlement at a game development meetup and had 8 players playing in a single session together and they appeared to enjoy themselves. The only issues were that it's difficult to know which fox is yours when so many are on the screen without labels and it's difficult to know which cursor is yours even with labels. Having 8 players share one laptop screen didn't help. There were no crashes or other unintended behaviors, however, that I could tell.

Progress made:
21 May 2017
14 May 2017
7 May 2017
30 April 2017
23 April 2017
16 April 2017
early April 2017
It was during early April that the new version of Battlement became interesting to play for the first time. Sumo Mode (the only mode implemented right now) is actually more fun than I remember it being because of a few things:
early February 2017
I started rewriting Battlement in Rust in early February. This should only take a few weeks ...right?